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Domain and Web Hosting Questions

Posted December 20, 2014 by Joe Kashurba

In this post, I’m going to answer some of the common questions that I get about domains and web hosting.

Question) What is a domain?

A domain is another name for a web address (such as or There is a small yearly fee to register a domain. By registering it, you reserve that web address so no one else can use it.

Question) What is web hosting?

A website consists of a bunch of computer files. Those files need to be stored on a special kind of computer called a web server. Web servers are very expensive and complicated to deal with, so it’s cheaper and more secure to rent space on a web server that someone else manages than to buy your own.

That rented server space is called web hosting.

Question) Do I need to buy a domain myself?

If you’ve already registered a domain or you would like buy it yourself, that’s great. However, I would be more than glad to take care of getting everything purchased and setup for you.

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