Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens Next? How Do We Get Started?

Posted November 09, 2014 by Joe Kashurba

The first step is to do an initial consultation, so that I can learn about your business and your specific situation as well as answer any questions you have.

After that, I’ll put together a proposal. I try to keep my proposals simple, so we can be flexible as we move along.

Once the proposal is signed, we’re ready to get started!

At that point, I’ll start working with my graphic design team on a custom design for your website. We’ll do a design mock-up of what your homepage will look like, and we’ll send it to you in less than 10 days!

For the design mock-up, we usually use placeholder photos and fake text to fill-up space. This way, you don’t have to worry about having content written and photos ready to go.

After I send you the initial design mock-up, I’ll go back and forth with you to revise the colors, fonts, etc. Until you absolutely love the design!

After that, we’ll move on to actually building the individual webpages.

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